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BUCKNER, Ky. (March 2014) – Bob Coleman admits he is a lifelong horse enthusiast. His career as a professor and speaker has focused on the equine industry and his expertise has helped horse owners to take better care of their horses and manage their pastures more efficiently.

Bob Coleman

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Bob Coleman, University of Kentucky Horse Specialist, will help launch a new Equine Seminar Series.

Originally from Western Canada, Coleman has worked with Cooperative Extension Services since 1980. He has worked for the University of Kentucky since 1998.
“I teach in the Equine Science and Management Program and find the mix of classroom and extension to be useful in both areas,” said Coleman, University of Kentucky Horse Specialist.
Since 2001, Coleman has offered a program though Extension discussing the “basics of pasture management and how to use your pasture to its best potential.”
Coleman will be one of several featured speakers for the Equine Seminar Series, which will run from March through May. In an effort to reach as many horse owners at one time as possible, Traci Missun, Oldham County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources, has aided in assembling a series of five seminars which will each be held at a different local county Extension Office. Each seminar has a $10 registration fee, payable in advance or at the door. Advance RSVP is required for each session.

Equine Seminar Series

• March 6: Pasture Management. With local agents Bob Coleman, UK Horse Specialist, at the Henry County Extension Office, 2151 Campbellsburg Rd.,  New Castle, Ky.
• March 20: Equine Dental Care. With Dr. Jack Easley, Easley Equine Dentistry at the Shelby County Extension Office, 1117 Frankfort Rd., Shelbyville, Ky.
• April 3: Equine Survey: County Results & Economic Impact. With Bob Coleman, UK Horse Specialist; Sue Schneider, KY Horse Council; Jo Ann Heppermann, Oldham County Thoroughbred Supporters, at the Oldham County Extension Office, 1815 N. Hwy. 393, La Grange, Ky.
• April 17: Beneficial Insects for Fly Control. With Blair Leano-Helvey, Entomology Solutions. LLC, at the Spencer County Extension Office, 100 Oak Tree Way, Taylorsville, Ky.
• May 1: Forages & Grazing Management for Nutritional Disorders and Laminitis Prone Horses. With Bob Coleman, UK Horse Specialist, at the Trimble County Extension Office, 43 High Country Lane, Bedford, Ky.
• Time and cost: 6-8:30 p.m. Cost of each session is $10 and includes dinner. RSVP at (502) 222-9453.

As an Extension Agent, Missun is very familiar with the horse owners who reside in Oldham County. In an effort to give access to the most recent research and provide knowledge from experts in the field, she has helped put together this series hoping the information that is provided will answer many questions for horse owners.
“We have many horse owners in Oldham and surrounding counties, ranging from the backyard horse owner to those at breeding and training farms,” said Missun. She often assists horse owners who have questions raging from managing pasture to nutritional requirements to nutritional disorders.
The first seminar, which includes dinner, will be held from 6-8:30 p.m. on March 6 at the Henry County Extension Office in New Castle. Local Extension agents and Coleman will discuss Pasture Management.
“We are very fortunate to have Dr. Coleman in Extension,” said Missun. “He is very knowledgeable, well-respected, and our clients always take away new ideas from his talks.”
This first seminar “will not only help horse owners with ways to get pastures growing and healthy,” said Missun, “but it will also help them develop management strategies.”
“There is always something new to learn, and often the questions at programs like the seminar series lead to learning something new or learning how to use information in a different way to help owners look after their horses,” said Coleman. “I hope participants go away thinking about how pasture is a tool to manage and care for their horses, but it is also something they need to work at to be successful.”
In the past, Oldham County Extension Services has presented ‘Horse College’ several times. This University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension-based program covered most of the basics of taking care of a horse and each session built upon the last to increase participants’ knowledge, Missun said.
“The Equine Seminar Series presents more specialized topics, and each evening is a stand-alone session. Participants choose which sessions or how many sessions they want to attend,” said Missun.
Along with the other organizers, Missun said their main goal “is to provide research, tools and knowledge so that horse owners can have healthy horses and healthy pastures.”
Missun said the April 3 seminar will be a little different. The topic will be “Equine Survey: County Results & Economic Impact.” Once again, Coleman will speak, in addition to Sue Schneider of the Kentucky Horse Council and Jo Ann Heppermann of Oldham County Thoroughbred Supporters.
“I really hope this session will be a springboard for new ideas and ways to support the horse industry in Kentucky,” she said. “It is important to the economy and to the many people employed at farms and horse-related businesses.”

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