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Brownsboro Alliance creating hike,
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Group has gained permission of
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BROWNSBORO, Ky. (August 2014) – As a resident of Brownsboro, Ky., Debbie Stevens is well aware of the beautiful countryside that comprises the once thriving agriculturally based small town. She is part of a group that seeks to preserve and enhance this community by developing a trail system through several connecting properties.

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Several members of the Brownsboro Alliance pose for a photo while working on the new trail system. The trail will be for hikers and equestrians (below).


So far, Brownsboro has managed to resist suburban sprawl, she said. Stevens wants people to “respect the land.”
Stevens is a board member for Brownsboro Alliance, an organization that seeks to renew and reconnect the economy, environment and people of Brownsboro into a sustainable, innovative rural community. In an effort to do so, the group has embarked on establishing an eight-mile trail system that will offer scenic recreational outdoor opportunities for all ages.
“I’ve been privileged to ride horses and hike the land in Brownsboro,” said Stevens. “There are trails all through the community. It would be terrible not to save the trails on these lands.”
For similar reasons, Brownsboro Alliance has created a trail system for equestrians and hikers through privately owned land in the Brownsboro area. The land that will be used is protected by conservation easements. “That will not always be the case” with the farmland in Brownsboro, she said, because of it’s proximity to Louisville and opportunity for development.
“The potential for this project is huge,” said Cathy Roberts, executive director of Brownsboro Alliance. The organization’s goal “is to really keep the Brownsboro community going. We want to broaden the scope of Brownsboro; we have the community’s best interest at heart.”


“We’ve gotten some donations, but we have a long way to go.”
– Brownsboro Alliance Trail Project Manager Trish Wampler

Since its existence in 1999, Brownsboro Alliance has taken on different community projects. There is a tremendous interest in the trail system project, she said. The project was introduced to the public at the 2013 Oldham County Day, even though the organization had dreamed of completing it way before then.
“I’m amazed at how many people are interested in the trail project,” said Roberts. “I think that as it opens, there will be even more interest.”
Trish Wampler was approached by members of Brownsboro Alliance at the end of last year to help with this endeavor. She became the Project Manager and said the group already has the permission of landowners to ride on the property. Only members of Brownsboro Alliance can use the trail.
The trailhead will be located at Foxhollow Farm, she said. It will contain a gate and parking lot for cars and horse trailers.
The trail crosses Hwy. 329, going over a distance of three miles and turns around for users to circle back to Foxhollow. Funding is needed for signs, gravel and to install electric.
The goal of Phase I is to have more than 200 members using the trail. The budget for Phase I is $50,000, and the project will require annual upkeep.
“We’ve gotten some donations, but we have a long way to go,” said Wampler. She said the group “envisions a long range goal of having several trails linking with other horse and walking trails.”
Brownsboro Alliance members hope to have the trail open by early fall, said Roberts. She said it is “a beautiful trail with natural landscaping. It’s a great way to get kids outside.”
“A real problem today,” said Wampler, “is people not getting the exercise they need.” She said it’s a trail people could use on a regular basis. “It’s a real gift to the community.”
Stevens said that, “Truly, without a doubt, once people see what it is, they’ll be wowed.”

• For more information, contact Trish Wampler at (502) 552-6343 or Cathy Roberts at (502) 645-1870.

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