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Kentucky filmmaker Chadwell
to premiere new horror film

The showing will take place at 3rd Turn Brewing

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (November 2019) – William Chadwell was born to make movies. His first real endeavor has produced a movie about the legends surrounding the area where he grew up around Cumberland Falls.

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Writer, producer William Chadwell (right) will premiere his horror film based on legends from the Cumberland Falls area of Kentucky.

“The location is the star of the film,” said Chadwell. “The waterfalls, the moss covered boulders, fern lined trails and of course the natural phenomenon the moonbow. Hollywood pays millions of dollars to fake the scenery we have right here in our backyards. I feel like the landscape is what most people will connect with when watching this film.”
“Moonbow” is a horror film that follows four young local friends who take their co-workers on an overnight trip to see the moonbow. The moonbow is a rainbow at night that can only be seen under a full moon. They embark upon the trip and discover the cosmic power of the moonbow, realizing that some legends really are true.
“Moonbow” will be shown at 3rd Turn Brewing’s Oldham Gardens at 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1. The brewery is located at 6300 Old Lagrange Rd. in Crestwood, Ky.
3rd Turn also has a brewery in the historic Jeffersontown Gaslight District in Louisville. “They have one of the most beautiful and historic breweries in the state. The beer garden transports you into another world; it’s a perfect stop for our movie tour,” Chadwell said.
“We are doing the #SomeLegendsAreTrue tour across the state of Kentucky. We have 18 dates in September and October. The purpose of the tour is not only to show “Moonbow” to the state, but we want to celebrate local Kentucky.”
On each stop he will explore local ghost stories, eat at legendary local restaurants, and go hiking. A documentary of the tour is being shot that will be included as a bonus when “Moonbow” is released on DVD on Black Friday, Nov. 29.
“Moonbow” was written and directed by Chadwell, a first-time director-producer-writer-editor who was born and raised in Corbin, Ky. “I grew up in the area. I remember my sister scaring me as a kid with all these local legends.”
Chadwell moved to Lexington in 1999, and “I used to take our friends, who had never seen the “Moonbow,” down to the beach below the falls on camping trips. I always thought it was a perfect place for a scary movie, so after one of those trips, I wrote the first scene, then life kind of happened.” The script sat in a drawer for 15 years.

A few years ago Chadwell began taking his wife and two daughters down to the area to hike and camp. “That’s when I started thinking again about the scary movie, so I dug out the script, sat down and knocked it out in three weeks.”
He got serious about the idea in January 2018 after watching an independent movie titled “Bourbon County” and then watching the movie “3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Production meetings and auditions were held in July. Filming began in August and wrapped in October.
This was Chadwell’s first attempt at moviemaking. “I have no formal training in filmmaking,” he said. “Movies were one of my first loves. Growing up as a child of the ’80s, my weekends consisted of hitting the video store on Friday night and renting two movies for the weekend. I would have friends sleep over, and we would watch those movies as many times as we could in two days, learning the funny lines and eventually dissecting the films.”
Chadwell said he forged a lot of friendships out of a mutual love for film. “One of my best friends since fifth grade, Daniel Hamblin, is Director of Photography and one of the actors in the film.
Chadwell spent less than $1,000 of his $5,000 budget on equipment. “We used a DJI Gimbal and Beast Rig, which are both camera stabilizers, and we had a DJI Mavic Pro drone for two days, until my Director of Photography crashed it into Devil’s Creek” He said he watched a film called “Unsane” by Steven Soderberg, who shot the film on an iPhone. “I chose Samsung over the iPhone because of its superiority in low light situations.”
He said that making the movie was “one of the most amazing experiences of my life. After 41 years, I have finally found what I was meant to do.”
While filming this thriller, Chadwell said he experienced every emotion humanly possible. “Some-times it was terrifying and overwhelming, but for the most part it was pure joy. It was like being a kid again. The best part of the experience was the bond that was formed between cast and crew.”
By the end of the first weekend it was clear to him that everyone had formed a “”family” type relationship. I can’t say enough about how great the cast was. Their hard work and commitment are the only reason this movie got made.”
The movie premiered at the historic Lyric Theater in Lexington on Sept. 18, and received a great response. To finally be able to see it on the big screen was “very emotional,” for Chadwell. “For me, the best part was seeing the cast get the recognition they deserve. They worked so hard and put so much effort into this project.”
Chadwell is already thinking about his next movie. “I finished writing the script for the sequel about four months ago. Pre-production starts in November; we will start casting in January and start filming next summer in early June.”
In addition, he is about 30 pages into the project that will follow the sequel, he said. “I quit my job of 8 1/2 years last summer to pursue this dream. We have started a production company called Moonbow Productions, and the plan is to make a new film every year.”

The Cumberland Falls area has always held a sense of mystical energy for him. “I think Kentucky has a lot of stories to tell, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

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