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Grey St. BBQ wins KCBS title
at Madison Ribberfest

The Indiana team is on a roll this year

(September 2017) – Nathan Dexter and his cousin Ryan Horace made their fourth trip to Madison, Ind., in mid-August to compete in the Madison Ribberfest’s Indiana State Championship pro barbecue cooking contest and finally scored a victory in the highly competitive event. Their Grey St. BBQ team beat out 55 other teams to take home the Grand Champion trophy and winner’s check.
Extra Mile BBQ from Loveland, Ohio, finished second and Fowl Butt BBQ of Decatur, Ind., finished third overall. Fowl Butt BBQ placed second last year.
“It was great to finally win one there because they always have some of the best teams,” said Dexter, 36, of Avon, Ind. Horace, 36, is from Fort Wayne, Ind.

Photo courtesy of Ken Schneider

Grey St. BBQ on Aug. 19 receives the Grand Champion trophy at the Madison Ribberfest. Pictured from left are team member Ryan Horace, Tom Hasegawa of sponsor Arvin Sango Inc., team captain Nathan Dexter and KCBS contest chairman Drew Garrett

The two began competing in 2014 and recently have had considerable success in winning. “We were both big fans of backyard cooking at home, and we saw that show ‘BBQ Pittmasters’ on TV and thought it looked fun. So we decided to give it a shot.”
Now they compete in about 20 events a year in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and even one in California. The Ribberfest victory was their 10th career title and third in Indiana (Liberty and Bloomington). It was also their second victory this year, having won the competition in Birch Run, Mich., earlier this summer.
When they are not cooking meat together, Dexter works in sales and Horace in manufacturing. The fact they live several miles apart makes it hard to get together other than barbecue competitions, Dexter said. But he says they have learned a lot about cooking over the years.
“The more you can cook, the better,” he advises, “because you become more consistent. Our final product is the same every time. Then it’s just a matter of trying to figure out what the judges want.”
The duo has used a Deep South brand gravity fed smoker the past three years, but plans to change to an Outlaw Smoker offset stick burner next year.
Asked why the change, he replied, “Just to try something new. We like a challenge.”
Grey St. BBQ is currently ranked 19th among Kansas City Barbeque Society competitors and have ranked as high as 11th over the years. Dexter calls Madison his favorite stop because of the level of competition and the fact teams come from many states. “It has the right number of people and it’s the biggest in Indiana.”
Since their rise to stardom on the barbecue trail, two years ago they began selling their sauces and rubs through online websites. Their “Triple 9 Swine” and “Triple 9 Bovine” sauces for pork and beef are named after the 999 perfect score attainable in KCBS competition. “It took off faster than we expected,” Dexter said.
As for the name, Grey St. BBQ, Dexter said it comes from a song by his favorite band – the Dave Matthews Band. Asked what the song is about, he couldn’t say, adding only, “It’s a catchy song.”

2017 Madison Ribberfest
KCBS Pro Cooking Team Results

1. Grey St. BBQ, Nathan Dexter, Avon, Ind.; 2. Extra Mile BBQ, Peter Golob, Loveland, Ohio; 3. Fowl Butt BBQ, Jan Mitchel, Decatur, Ind.; 4. High on the Hawg; 5. WEQ4U, Mark Bowman, Aurora, Ind.; 6. Rooters-n-Tooters TN, Paul Keltner, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; 7. All in Que, John Laflen, Mason City, Ill.; 8. Smokin’ Hookers Bar-B-Q LLC; 9. Blue Chip BBQ, Charlie Jackey, Louisville, Ky.; 10. Uncle Toad’s Competition BBQ, Todd LeMaster, Dayton, Ohio

1. WEQ4U; 2. Blue Chip BBQ; 3. High on the Hawg; 4. Smokin’ Hookers Bar-B-Q LLC; 5. Charcoal & More

Pork Ribs
1. Smokin’ Hookers Bar-B-Q LLC; 2. Smoke-n-Peppers; 3. Extra Mile BBQ; 4. Boiler Quers; 5. High on the Hawg

1. WEQ4U; 2. Grey St. BBQ; 3. Fowl Butt BBQ; 4. Blue Chip BBQ; 5. Squealers Award Winning BBQ

1. Grey St. BBQ; 2. Extra Mile BBQ; 3. Slipery Pete’s BBQ; 4. Smoke Freaks; 5. Rooters-n-Tooters TN

Anything But
1. Butts-n-Racks BBQ; 2. World Famous Butt Bros.; 3. Crawdad Flats; 4. Squealers Award Winning BBQ; 5. 2 Jokers and a Smoker

1. World Famous Butt Bros.; 2. Whiskey Whiskers BBQ Co.; 3. Charcoal & More; 4. House of Swine; 5. Hoosier Smokin’ Daddy.

Madison Courier Backyard BBQ Blast Results
Best Team: Brothers BBQ, Madison, Ind.; Best Contraption: Junkyard BBQ, Seymour, Ind.; Best Sauce: Smokin’ Shorty’s BBQ, Indianapolis; Best Rub: Papa Rog BBQ, Versailles, Ind.; Chicken: 1. Elkhawg Smokers BBQ, Winchester, Ky.; 2. Smokin’ Cowboy BBW, Greenfield, Ind.; 3. Smokin’ Shorty’s BBQ, Indianapolis; Ribs: 1. Smokin’ Reddiquelous BBQ, La Grange, Ky.; 2. Sugar Creek Smokers BBQ; 3. Can’t Beat My Meat BBQ, Hanover, Ind.; Pork: 1. Butchin’ BBQ, Madison, Ind.; 2. Hog Rock BBQ, Fletcher, Ohio; 3. Elkhawg Smokers BBQ, Winchester, Ky.; Beef: 1. Meatles BBQ, Madison, Ind.; 2. Butchin’ BBQ, Madison, Ind.; 3. Elkhaqg Smokers BBQ, Winchester, Ky.; Game: 1. Shu Be Que #2 BBQ, Madison, Ind.; 2. Back That Rack Up BBQ, St. Louis, Mo.; 3. Just Winging It BBQ, Fairfield, Ohio.

Pigmania Results
Judge’s Award: Bears Furniture for its entry Kermie Ray Vaughan, Miss Piggy and Animal a.k.a. the Sesame Street Blues Band. People’s Choice Award: Mane Attraction’s entry “The Boar’s Nest”

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