Extra-Terrestrial Encounters

New trilogy set in city similar
to author's hometown of Madison

Best-selling author Brock's
journalism career started locally

(September 2020) – Madison, Ind., residents and those familiar with the historic river town will certainly recognize the setting of a new novel featuring an investigative journalist’s quest to uncover the truth about alien encounters. Best-selling author and journalist Fred Ellis Brock’s “The Seven” is the first of a trilogy of novels that follow a shadowy global trail of intrigue, mystery and extra-terrestrial coverups.
In “The Seven,” published by Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing of Deadwood, Ore., reporter Bill Sanders, a best-selling author, teams up with UFO investigator Morgen Remley. The pair travels the world as they work to uncover the truth about alien encounters. Along the way, they discover major worldwide organizations and government agencies are working together to keep the general public from ever finding out the truth of possible extra-terrestrial life.
“Shadows,” the second of the trilogy, continues the adventure and is due to be released in September 2020. “Secrets,” the final book, will be ready in spring 2021.

Fred Brock


Brock, 76, moved to Madison when he was in grade school and considers it his hometown, so of course, much of the first novel is set in a town easily resembling Madison. His journalism roots began at Madison Consolidated High School, where he was the editor of the Madisonian student newspaper. He graduated in 1962, and while attending Hanover College, he also worked at WORX Radio and the Madison Courier. After finishing college in 1966, he had a stint writing for the Louisville Courier Journal before moving to Philadelphia. While there, he completed graduate school and began a teaching career that included time at New York University and Kansas State University. He currently teaches classes at University of Arizona.
Brock eventually returned to journalism and enjoyed a distinguished career before retiring to Arizona with his wife, Evelyn, and his dog, Patches. His impressive journalism career includes editing and reporting for the Houston Chronicle, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of several best-selling, non-fiction financial planning books.
His trilogy of novels was a switch of gears, but one he said he’d thought about for years.
“I kept playing the story in my head, and I finally decided to get it written,” said Brock.
During his journalism career, he covered topics that include politics, business, government and public affairs, which are all themes woven into the plots of the three novels. It was natural for him to take his global reporting experiences and combine them with his past-time fascination. Brock said the characters and places are compilations of the many people and places he’s experienced.
“I’ve always been interested in really weird, unexplained phenomenon,” said Brock, who is actually a member of MUFON, the world’s oldest and largest civilian unidentified flying objects, UFO, investigation and research organization.
He said that while most sightings of UFOs can be readily explained and any mystery surrounding them resolved, there are those rare few that need a little extra investigating. He has even experienced his own personal sighting of what could possibly be an unexplained UFO.

The Seven
The Seven bookcover

“Yes, I’ve seen a few things that made me wonder,” he said. Ironically, the UFO buff has not yet visited Roswell, N.M., the city nearest to the site of an alleged UFO crash.
“I read the entire novel in one day because I couldn’t put it down,” said longtime Madison resident Betsey Vonderheide, a casual acquaintance of the author. “It was suspenseful with twists and turns in the plot that compelled me to keep reading.”
Vonderheide knew Brock from his early days in Madison, so she was curious when she learned the book was coming out. “I immediately recognized the local personalities and places that were described in the book,” she said.
Vonderheide’s sentiments were echoed by Deena Shelley, another longtime Madison resident and high school classmate of Brock. “I knew he was very successful with his non-fiction books, but I had no idea he was such a gifted novelist,” she said. “The mystery and twists will grab your attention to the point you can’t stop reading. Anyone who knows Madison will recognize our town in the book, and anyone not from this town will be hooked on the plot. The book is so suspenseful that I hate that I have to wait for the next one to come out.”

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