Madison Regatta joins the new ABRA

Team owners, race sites
re-organize under new name

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(February 2005) – This year’s Madison Regatta, set for July 1-3, will be operated as part of a newly created independent sanctioning organization, the American Boat Racing Association. The ABRA is made up of hydroplane team owners and six series race site promoters, and will serve as the management authority responsible for operating the sport.
The Madison Regatta Board of Directors met in special session Sept. 29 to discuss and approve the move to join the ABRA.
“The Madison Regatta has a rich and storied history with Unlimited hydroplane racing. And with this decision, we can be assured that there will be racing here on the banks of the Ohio River during July 4th weekend,” said Regatta President Nate Davis. “During the San Diego meetings, all the race site and boat owners were on the same page. Everyone wanted to work together to achieve a better set of circumstances than this past season. This is a step in that direction for us.”
In a continued effort to revitalize the sport of hydroplane racing, the (ABRA) on Jan. 25 announced it has enlisted the services of a management firm with more than 40 years of experience promoting water racing’s greatest show. The Maurer Group, a Washington-based association and sports management company, has worked with the Tri-City Water Follies Association to hold boat racing on the Columbia River since 1966. The firm will provide a year-round administrative office and staff, public relations and operations support at eight national racing events.
ABRA chairman Sam Cole said the ABRA partnership with the Maurer Group is another step towards positioning the organization, race sites and participants for future growth and expansion. Next month’s meetings in Seattle, Feb. 25-26, will be the platform for launching the re-birth of America’s fastest and most exciting brand of water sports entertainment.
The 2005 ABRA racing season kicks-off in Evansville, Ind., on June 24-26 and concludes the weekend of September 16-18 in San Diego. The schedule also includes stops in Madison, Ind., (July 1-3), Valleyfield, Quebec (Exhibition July 8-10), Detroit (July 15-17), Tri-Cities, Wash. (July 29-31), Seattle (August 5-7) and Nashville, Tenn. (Sept. 9-11).
Nationally known consumer brands like Chrysler-Jeep, Budweiser, Chevrolet, General Motors, Oh Boy! Oberto, Llumar Window Film and Washington Mutual Bank are among the corporate sponsors of ABRA teams and events.
The ABRA series is expected to be televised nationally on the Outdoor Life Network, reaching more than 65 million cable subscriber homes across the country.

• For more information, contact the ABRA at 1-877-783-7223 or visit: www.abrahydroplanes.com.

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