2005 Madison Ribberfest

Results of this years Madison Ribberfest

By Don Ward

Mother Nature turned up the heat for the fourth annual Madison Ribberfest on Aug. 19-20, but temperatures into the 90s didn't stop a record 58 teams from taking part in the Kansas City Barbeque Society's pro division cook-off.

Madison Ribberfest-J-Mack
KCBS Grand Champion J-Mack
Cookers Too flanked by
Kathy Ayers and Shawn Auxier.
They are (from left) Aaron
and Christy Storey and
teammate Joe Barbee.

J-Mack Cookers Too, the husband-and-wife team of Aaron and Christy Storey of Bardswell, Ky., along with their teammate Joe Barbee, won this year's overall title and took home the coveted Grand Champion trophy. The victory also earned the the Indiana State Championship title, since the Madison Ribberfest is the only such competition in Indiana that carries a proclamation by the governor, as required per KCBS rules for the distinction.
The couple accumulated 667.4288 points by competing in several categories and won by a comfortable 11.429 points over second-place Grand Reserve Champion Ulcer Acres. Ulcer Acres, a late entry this year, is comprised of Randy and Marla Twyford of Jacksonville, Ill.
The Storeys had finished second last year but came back with a vengeance this year, winning the pork category and placing second in chicken and brisket categories, and 14th in pork ribs.
The Storeys had competed in the Madison Ribberfest all three previous years of the event but under the name J-Mack Cookers. This year's contest was scheduled the same weekend as a similar event in Lebanon, Tenn., where Christy's father, Mike Ford, competed. So under KCBS rules, the team had to assume a new name, thus the "Too" was added.

Madison Ribberfest-Ulcer Acers
KCBS Reserve Grand Champion
Ulcer Acres flanked by
Kathy Ayers and Shawn Auxier.

"We thought we were close to winning because we had a second in chicken, first in pork and second in brisekt. When they started calling out the last few names and we weren't in there, it started to sink in," said Aaron Storey, 32, whose real job is as a Fed-X Express delivery employee in Paducah, Ky.
Christy Storey is a Mary Kay Cosmetics director and the mother of two sons, Tyler, 8, and Logan, 3.
The Storey have had a string of success the past two years since they started competing on the barbecue circuit in 1999. In fact, Madison was their third Grand Championship this year, after winning in June at Mt. Vernon, Ill., again over the Fourth of July at Murray, Ky.
They competed at the KCBS national championship last year after earning a berth at the competition in Slidell, La. They also were drawn from a lottery to compete at the prestigious Jack Daniels World Championship in Tennessee. They finished third overall out of 62 teams, claiming first place in ribs.
"That was the biggest accomplishment for us so far," Aaron said.
Since entering their first contest in 1999 at a small event in Paducah, they met several teams and caught the bug. They now compete in 15-16 events a year, spending about $600 each weekend to cover travel expenses and entry fees.
"That really ads up, so you have to win one now and then to pay some of the bills," Aaron said. The couple does not sell meat or sauces or rubs, like some big-time teams. They just do it all for fun, he said.
Ulcer Acres, meanwhile, climbed to second place in points with a first place in brisket, seventh in pork, 11th in chicken and pork ribs, and 13th in sauce. This was their first Madison Ribberfest, but they have had success on the circuit elsewhere, winning the Illinois State Championship trophy earlier this year in Shannon, Ill.
J-Mack Cookers Too followed a similar scenario to the top that two previous Ribberfest winners laid out, by placing second one year and returning to win the next. Both Music City Pig Pals of Nashville, Tenn., and Hoosier Hogs of Valparaiso, Ind., went 2-1 from 2002-2004..
Music City Pig Pals, the defending champion from 2004 and comprised of Lee and Bobbie McWright, placed fifth overall this year. Their best judging this year was seventh in pork ribs.
Hoosier Hogs, comprised of neighbors Fred Edwards and Ron Marquardt, finished fourth overall. Their best entry was in brisket, where they placed third. They also placed fifth in pork ribs.
Pig Pak won the "Best of Jefferson County, Ind." for the third year, this time by finishing seventh overall. The team is comprised of John Branigan, Merrill Nay, David Baratti and Mike DeShong. Pig Pak had high marks in pork (fifth), anything but (seventh), pork ribs (10th), brisket (11th) and dessert (14th).
Wildcat BBQ, a Madison-based team comprised of father-and-son duo of Mike and Chris Cammack, finished a respectable 17th overall. Their highest judged entry of eighth was in the "anything but" category, which this year had to be a dish that involved catfish. The Cammacks also scored ninth in chicken, 10th in brisket, 18th in pork ribs and 41st in pork.
The Madison-based team of Smoked Signals, comprised of Doug and Joanne Spiller, finished 24th overall and had its best judged entry of third place in "anything but." The Spillers also placed 17th in pork ribs.
Cabana Joe's, comprised of Joe Torline and his father, Charles, finished 27th overall and had its best judged entry of seventh in chicken. The Torlines also placed 12th in pork.
A record 58 teams competed this year in the Kansas City Barbeque Society Pro Division Cook-Off at the Madison Ribberfest. By having more than 50 teams, the contest offered teams an opportunity to earn triple points from the KCBS, which sanctions the event. The winner of Madison's event, which serves as the Indiana State Championship, earns an automatic berth in the KCBS Americal Royal national championship competition in October in Kansas City.
"It's a big deal to win here in Madison because of that automatic entry into the national competition," said Shawn Auxier, who co-chairs the pro division cook-off with Jeff Garrett.
Auxier said the Ribberfest committee anticipates an even larger event next year, perhaps surpassing 60 teams.

2005 Madison Ribberfest
KCBS Judging (58 teams competing)
Saturday, Aug. 20, 2005
Top 20 Overall Results
(Based on compilation of points in all divisions)
Team, Hometown, Points
1. J-Mack Too, Bardwell, Ky. 667.4288
2. Ulcer Acres, Ill. 655.9998
3. Hogheads BBQ, 649.1428
4. *Hoosier Hogs, Valparaiso, Ind. 646.2856
5. **Music City Pig Pals, Nashville, Tenn. 643.4282
6. Pepperitaville, Kokomo, Ind. 640.5710
7. ***Pig Pak, Madison, Ind. 639.9990
8. Bar-B-Quau, 634.8564
9. Snake Pit BBQ, 633.1430
10. Smokin Ribz BBQ, 632.5714
11. The BBQ Guy, 630.8568
12. Great Lake BBQ, 629.7140
13. Moonswiners, 629.1422
14. Squealers Barbecue, 628.5706
15. Two Little Pigs, Dyersburg, Tenn. 621.1426
16. Governor's BBQ, Nashville, Tenn. 619.4282
17. Wildcat BBQ, Madison, Ind. 618.2848
18. Shigs-in-Pit, 617.1422
19. Ribrunners, 615.4284
20. Dr. Chuckie's BBQ, 613.7142
* 2003 Grand Champion; 2002 Grand Reserve Champion.
** 2004 Grand Champion; 2003 Grand Reserve Champion.
*** "Best of Jefferson County, Ind. Award

Top 10 by Division

1. 168.5714 Bar-B-Quau
2. 166.8572 J-Mack Cookers, Too
3. 166.2856 Pepperitaville
4. 165.1430 Rub-N-Que
5. 164.5714 Two Little Pigs
6. 164.5714 Shigs-in-Pit
7. 164.0000 Cabana Joe's
8. 163.4286 Governor's BBQ
9. 161.7144 Wildcat BBQ
10. 161.14300 Smokin Ribz BBQ

Pork Ribs

1. 172.5714 Pepperitaville
2. 171.4288 Bar-B-Quau
3. 171.4284 Squealers Barbecue
4. 169.1428 Hogheads BBQ
5. 168.5714 Hoosier Hogs
6. 168.0004 Ribrunners
7. 168.0000 Music City Pig Pals
8. 167.4286 Great Lakes BBQ
9. 165.7146 Rub-N-Que
10. 165.1428 Pig Pak

Pork (scores not available)

1. 174.8572 J-Mack Cookers, Too
2. 172.0000 Smokin Ribz BBQ
3. 171.4286 Smokin Ts
4. 170.2860 Snake Pit BBQ
5. 166.2858 Pig Pak
6. 166.2856 Moonswiners
7. 165.1430 Ulcer Acres
8. 164.0000 Hogshead BBQ
9. 163.4286 The BBQ Guy
10. 162.8570 Hoosier Hogs


1. 163.9998 Ulcer Acres
2. 162.8572 J-Mack Cookers, Too
3. 161.7144 Hoosier Hogs
4. 161.7140 Hogshead BBQ
5. 160.0000 Blind Roosters Seasoning
6. 159.4286 Smokin Ribz BBQ
7. 158.2858 Smoke Break BBQ
8. 157.1432 Bar-B-Cuisine
9. 157.1430 The BBQ Guy
10. 156.5712 Wildcat BBQ


1. 175.4286 Chicago Smoke
2. 170.2858 Huckleberry Smoke
3. 166.8570 Cabana Joe's
4. 166.8570 DJ Barbecue
5. 165.7144 Two Little Pigs
6. 162.8574 Hoosier Hogs
7. 161.7142 Boathouse Grill
8. 160.0002 Dr. Chuckie's BBQ
9. 159.9998 Pepperitaville
10. 158.8572 Insane Charcoal Posse

Anything But

1. 178.8572 Pit Sniffers
2. 172.0000 Squealers Barbecue
3. 170.8570 Smoked Signals
4. 169.7142 ZZ-Que
5. 167.4286 Smoke Break BBQ
6. 166.8572 Chicago Smoke
7. 165.1426 Pig Pak
8. 161.7144 Wildcat BBQ
9. 161.7138 Shigs-in-Pit
10. 159.9998 Falls City Smokers


1. 180.0000 Bar-B-Quau
2. 177.7144 Smokin' Irish
3. 176.0002 Pepperitaville
4. 175.4288 Shigs-in-Pit
5. 174.2856 Falls City Smokers
6. 170.2854 Squealin' Good BBQ
7. 168.5716 Ribrunners
8. 167.4286 Snake Pit BBQ
9. 166.2858 Bucksnort BBQ
10. 164.0002 Smokin' Ribz BBQ

RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon
Hare and Hound Contest
Final Standings 8-20-05

1. Chris Spalding, "Cowboy," Louisville, Ky.
2. Stan Clark, "Diamond Sensation," Pewee Valley, Ky.
3. Bill Smith, "Call Before You Dig," Louisville, Ky.
4. Travis Vencel, "Bloomington," Bloomington, Ind.
5. Chris Smart, "Dream Catcher," Huntington, Ind.
6. Jim Knepper, "Cloud Rider," Cincinnati
7. Larry Lankenau, "Wind Swept," Fort Wayne, Ind.
8. Jerry Copas, "Z-Balloon," Sellersburg, Ind.
8. John Solenberg, "Excuse Me," Indianapolis
8. David Troutman, "Ashley Furniture Homestore," Louisville, Ky.
8. Fouad Halaby, "Tranquil Too," Auburn, Ind.
8. Peyton Hoge, "Zig Zags," Louisville, Ky.
8. Michael Nelson, "Top Hat," Fortville, Ind.
8. Doug Kendle, Loveland, Ohio
8. Tom Steinboch, Crestwood, Ky.
8. Donald SMith, "Air-Smith Balloon LLC," Louisville, Ky.
8. Mark Westra, "Stars & Heights," Greenfield, Ind.
8. Tony Sandlin, "Inflated Ego," Fishers, Ind.
8. Don Trapp, "Dreamcatcher," Loveland, Ohio
8. John Hitron, Louisville, Ky.
8. Jerry Cowles, "Clark Floyd CVB," Louisville, Ky.

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