Madison Ribberfest KCBS Contest

‘Getta Que’ of Ohio
is tastiest KCBS team

Schneiders have been competing
in Madison since 2005

By Helen E. McKinney
Contributing Writer

MADISON, Ind. (September 2012) – When barbecuing is in your blood, you know you’re going to win. As winners of this year’s Madison Ribberfest pro barbecue cooking competition, “Getta Que” moves on to more national events and more prestige with their barbecue know-how.

2012 Madison Ribberfest
KCBS Pro Cooking Results

Aug. 18, 2012 in Madison, Ind.

Overall Top 10
1. Getta Que
2. Pappy Q
3. Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ
4. Velvet Smoke
5. Shigs In Pit
6. Squealers Award Winning BBQ
7. Bronze Star BBQ
9. Moonswiners
10. Scramblin Eggs BBQ

Chicken Top 10
1. Yellow River BBQ
2. Pig Pak
3. Retired and Rubbin’ It
4. Scramblin Eggs BBQ
5. Bronze Star BBQ
6. Weiskracks BBQ
9. Pappy Q
10. Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ

Pork Ribs Top 10
1. Retired and Rubbin’ It
2. Getta Que
4. Hoosier Favorite BBQ
5. Hickory Flats BBQ
6. 2 Fat Boys & a Grill
7. Pappy Q
8. Bronze Star BBQ
9. Rob-a-Que
10. Hot Racks and BBQ Stacks

Pork Top 10
1. Getta Que
2. Fowl Butt BBQ
3. Flying Pig & Sons BBQ
4. Blue Dog Barbeque
5. The Smokin’ Irish
6. Squealers Award Winning BBQ
7. Pappy Q
8. Big JT’s Smokin BBQ
9. K’Eggs Over Easy BBQ
10. Moonswinners

Beef Brisket Top 10
1. Velvet Smoke BBQ
2. Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ
3. Hoosier Favorite BBQ
4. Shigs In Pit
5. Squealers Award Winning BBQ
6. Derby City Smokers
7. Pappy Q
8. Scramblin Eggs BBQ
9. Fowl Butt BBQ
10. Able Acres BBQ

Sauce Top 3
1. Governors BBQ
2. Velvet Smoke BBQ
3. Hoosier Favorite BBQ

Anything But Top 3
1. Bronze Star BBQ
2. Zack’s - Century 21
3. Dbl-D Bar-Be-Que.Com

Dessert Top 3
1. Fall City Smokers
2. Pig Pak
3. House of Swine

Madison Courier Backyard BBQ Blast Amateur Cooking Results
Chicken: 1. Bob’s Sittin Chicken, 2. Sweet Blaq Ash, 3. Cue You BBQ.
Ribs: 1. Beach Dog BBQ, Reddiculous BBQ, 3. Smokin’ Q Balls
Pork: 1. Smokin Q Balls, 2. Double J, Bob’s Sittin’ Chicken
Beef: 1. Sena family Smokers, 2. Smokin Q Balls, 3. Bob’s Sittin Chicken
Game: Nick’s Pit, 2. Roosters Smokin Butts, 3. Next Senaration
Best BBQ contraption: Roosters Smokin Butts
Best BBQ Rub: Next Senaration
Best Sauce: Little Sisters BBQ Best BBQ Team: Half Fast BBQ
Pigmania Pig Decorating Contest Results
1. Hoboken Eddie’s, 2. Mane Attractions, 3. River House II. People’s Choice Award went to Midtown Motors, which raised $500 in voting.

Getta Que is comprised of husband and wife team Buddy and Cheryl Schneider of Fairborn, Ohio. At some competitions they get a helping hand from daughter, Brandi, and Cheryl’s sister.
Buddy Schneider, 56, said it felt “incredible” to have been chosen as the overall winner of the Kansas City Barbeque Society-sanctioned competition. “It was our first time for winning a Grand Champion anywhere,” he said.
“You get a lot out of winning the competition,” said Schneider. In addition to money and trophies, the team was invited to participate in another contest in Las Vegas and was put in a drawing for a chance to compete in the Jack Daniels World Competition in Lynchburg, Tenn.
Tom Hillman’s “Pappy Q” team of Fisherville, Ky., placed second overall to earn the Reserve Grand Champion trophy. Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ, which won here in 2009, placed third overall. The team is from Des Moines.
Getta Que has entered the Madison Ribberfest several times since 2005. When they were declared the 2012 Grand Champions, “Everyone that we competed against was very happy for us,” he said.
“A lot of things have to come together for you to be a Grand Champion,” said Ken Schneider, KCBS competition chairman for the Ribberfest who is no relation to the winners. “If you place in the top 10, you’re having an awfully good weekend.”
When it comes to the judging portion, it is a blind judging pro cooking competition. “You’re judged at 11 different tables,” said Ken Schneider. “No table judges a contestants meat more than once.”
The total cash amount given out to winners was more than $12,500, he said. The Grand Champion also received a handcrafted cutting board trophy in the shape of Indiana. There were 58 teams competing from seven states.
Buddy and Cheryl Schneider, 43, have competed as a team since the first time they entered the Madison Ribberfest in 2005. The team entered five competitions that year, and now enter eight to 10 each season.
Before teaming with his wife, Schneider helped a friend for four years. That is all it took to get him hooked on professional barbecuing.
“I’ve made so many good friends over the years,” he said. “I see a lot of the same people at each competition we go to.”
Getta Que has traveled all over Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan to compete professionally. They’ll enter any competition that is no more than a four or five hour drive.
Professional barbecuing is a hobby for Schneider – an expensive one, he joked. Both he and his wife work full-time, Schneider as a software engineer and Cheryl as a pharmacist. They have lived in the Dayton, Ohio, area for 25 years. Schneider is originally from around Akron, Ohio.
Getta Que competed in all four categories: Chicken, Pork, Pork Ribs and Beef Brisket. “You more or less have to, to win Grand Champion,” said Schneider.
“A lot of teams were pleased they finally won,” said Ken Schneider. There were several teams competing for the first time,whose members took this as a learning experience, he said.
All of the pro competitors are serious about what they do. “They have to buy the meats, pay a $250 entry fee, pay for travel expenses and for a motel or campsite,” said Ken Schneider. “They are likely to have around $800 to $1,000 wrapped up in a weekend just to come to a competition.”
At home in Fairborn, Cheryl does most of the cooking, said Buddy Schneider. “I don’t want anything to do with cooking after a competition is over.”
Despite all of the hard work, Schneider said he would “hate to miss the Madison Ribberfest. The setting is great and you get blues music with it. You can’t beat being along the river.”
He said this competition is “the best I go to. Many of the people competing have turned into some of my best friends.” 

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